Ability to search through logs?

Is there a way to search through the logs of all executed pipes? I have a case where we are getting webhooks from Shipstation and we are missing some orders, so I want to search through all of the logs over the last couple of days to see if the orderNumber shows up anywhere.

If this is not possible, this would be a really important feature for us.

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Hi @alex-135501

Great question and this is a feature request that we’re tracking on this Github issue:

Unfortunately this is not available at this time. But I too have the frustrating experience with missing orders with webhooks from ecommerce platforms/services.

A couple different ways to solve it in the meantime.

1. Use a Data Store to track all unique order IDs that have been processed

Create a new Data Store that’s dedicated to simply tracking order IDs that have been processed. Then you an query this Data Store by order ID to verify it’s been seen by your workflow.

2. Create a secondary polling workflow

It might be helpful to create a secondary workflow that polls the Shipstation API on a given schedule, so you can essentially have a back up mechanism to make sure you have processed all orders even if their webhook system makes an error.

I have 2 workflows for example. The first actually processes a webhook request from the provider, in your case ShipStation.

The 2nd will poll the provider’s REST API to retrieve orders on a schedule of once an hour, and then it will send this order in the same format as the webhook to the first workflow.

The workflow recognizes if it’s seen this order before, thanks the the Data Store. If not, then it processes the order.

This is the only robust solution I’ve found to being as reliant as possible on webhooks for processing every single order.

Hope this helps!

@pierce the data store is a solid solution, thank you!

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