Ability to Configure a Step as "Skippable"

For certain steps, I want to be able to indicate that the step should be skipped if one or more props is undefined or null, instead of throwing an error that halts the workflow. I could set this logic up in my own actions as a boolean prop but it would be nice to apply this concept to any published action.

This would allow for more complicated workflows. Maybe I have a logic step that decides whether to update an existing record or create a new one. I could then follow that step with an update step that updates if the logic step put data into its ‘record_id_to_update’ property and a create step that creates if the logic step put data into its ‘record_data_to_create’ property. Only one step would run on any particular pass through the workflow; the other one would just silently skip itself (if I chose the config option for it to do so).

Hey @CelesteBancosHP we don’t support conditional logic for specific steps within a workflow today but that’s a highly requested feature that is on our radar! If you want to follow along here is the issue in GitHub: Support for branching (if / then) operation · Issue #216 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

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