422 - Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data. when adding a new record to Airtable


I created a simple table with one text-only field, yet I receive this error when I send a string to an Airtable cell through the create_single_record step.

Detailed error message below:

Hello @david.felegyhazi,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you.

I couldn’t reproduce your issue as I can create the record okay

May I ask what is the type of the Name column in your Airtable?

Hi, here’s the Airtable:

the airtable step:

the information comes from a toggle: the description of a time entry

if I type in test into the “Name” field of the Airtale step, I still get the 422 error

Hi @david.felegyhazi,

I think the problem is not in the Name field, but rather the Type Cast field. It should be selected as TRUE or FALSE, I think you are manually input the True text.

Could you have the Type Cast field selected ad TRUE or FALSE? I think the description is misleading and need to be improved