401 errors connecting to Zoom in workflow

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Trystan Snyder : any workaround for this? I'd like Zoom not to invalidate previous OAuth access tokens when a new token is issued - Feature Requests - Zoom Developer Forum getting the same

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : unfortunately I know of no simple workaround for that specific problem. We check in with Zoom occasionally on that to see if they’re prioritizing it. If you have the time, it might be good to let them know you’re hitting it so they hear from more Zoom customers.

Nacho Caballero : You can reply in that forum thread so they realize that it’s an issue for multiple customers. My current workaround is to create idempotent workflows and rerun the event :man-shrugging:

If you get recurring 401s from Zoom, try going to Connected Accounts and find your Zoom Admin account.

If it appears red, click on the three dots and then Reconnect and Sign in.

@nachocab, do you run into that on a regular basis with Zoom?

I get one-off 401 errors practically once a day, but they go away after retrying once.

I only get the consistent errors because of the disconnected account omce every 3 months or so.

Okay thanks for the info. We just shipped a change that we think might resolve the issue. Can you let me know if it keeps popping up for you?

That’s great to hear. What’s the change about? Does it just prevent the Zoom account from disconnecting or will it also prevent tokens from becoming invalidated?

It should handle the latter case hopefully. Now when we receive a 401 on the “health check” that we do after refreshing access tokens, we’ll keep retrying to refresh longer than we previously were, which seems like was the core of the issue.

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