Introducing Workflow Sharing

Introducing Workflow Sharing

You can now share your workflows as templates with a unique shareable link. Users can copy your workflow, use their own connected accounts, and edit the workflow in any way.

- Share your workflows with colleagues or followers

- Your connected accounts and event history are not shared

- Read the documentation

Here is an example workflow that sends you a daily SMS message with today's schedule.

Try it now

How to create a shareable link

To share a workflow, open the Builder for the workflow. Then in the top right menu, select Create Share Link.

A demo of sharing a workflow

How workflow sharing works

- You can include values of individual props, and can specific props or include all prop values

- When you create a shared link for your workflow, that link is frozen to the version of your workflow at the time the link was created

- Changes to the workflow will not be included in the shared workflow link or in any workflows copied

- See a full list of Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you'd like to see any other improvements, or have other feature requests.