Trigger a Pipedream workflow from an Airtable Base button

Trigger a Pipedream workflow from an Airtable Base button

Learn how to add interactivity to your Airtable bases with Pipedream workflows. This will enrich your manual Airtable data tracking with low-code flows.

Trigger a Pipedream workflow from an Airtable Base button

Creating the button in Airtable

In your Airtable base, add a new button field.

This will open a prompt to configure the button. You can pass unique IDs to your Pipedream workflow using query params:

Use a Formula to pass fields to your Pipedream workflow as query params

The & will act as a concatenating operation, much like the + in Javascript.

Then when you click an individual button in your Airtable base, the Pipedream workflow will be able to read the incoming value in the HTTP request:

Retrieving and updating the original Airtable record

Once you have this unique identifying value, you can use the built in Airtable - List Records action to query your Airtable Base for the full record - including the internal ID:

This will allow you to retrieve the full row of the record to use in other actions in your workflow.

Once you have completed your side effect actions, you can update the original Airtable record to reflect the operation is complete. Simply use the prebuilt Airtable - Update Row action and modify the original record:

And that's it! Now your Airtable record will be updated in real time by the corresponding workflow it triggers from the button you've added.

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