Pipedream's Affiliate Program

Pipedream's Affiliate Program

Pipedream has over 600,000 users and many of our customers were referred by a friend, colleague, or contractor.

Now creators, agencies, and individual developers can get paid for referring new users to Pipedream through our affiliate program.

- Get paid to refer your clients, friends, or followers
- 33% commission on all sales for one year
- No limit to how much you can earn

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How it Works

1. Join the Program. Become a Pipedream affiliate here.

2. Promote Pipedream. Share your unique affiliate link.

3. Earn rewards. For every new Basic, Advanced, Business or Enterprise upgrade, you’ll earn 33% of all payments for the first 12 months — with no limits.

Program Rules

There are a few rules about our affiliate program you should know about. No “gotchas” here, just some terms to make sure our affiliate program is successful, fair, and complementary to our business.

- Self-referrals are not allowed (i.e. signing up for Pipedream through your own affiliate link)

- No search engine ads, Facebook ads or any other ads that could potentially compete with our own marketing and cause any confusion for customers.

- Abuse, gaming, or any attempt to mislead (i.e. posting fake discounts to coupon-sharing websites) will result in your account being permanently banned.

- No credit is provided if any customer doesn't sign up through your affiliate link. Only users who click through your unique link will be counted.

- No pretending to be acting on behalf of us (i.e. as an employee) or appearing to be marketing efforts generated by the company.

- We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.