Introducing Node v18 support

Introducing Node v18 support

We’re excited to announce that Node v18 is now the default Node.js runtime on Pipedream. The next time you deploy an existing workflow, or create a new one, that workflow will use a Node 18 execution environment.

You should expect no major changes / issues upgrading to Node 18. Major npm packages have supported Node 18 for some time.

See the documentation

Many packages that failed to work on our v14 runtime — such as discord.js — should now work in Node 18. Node 18 also introduces a native fetch API. Please see the Node 16 and Node 18 changelogs for more detail.

Pipedream ❤️ Node.js (and Python, Bash, & Go)

Node.js continues to be our most popular runtime. You can write any Node.js code in a workflow, use any npm package, programmatically end, delay, or retry a workflow, and more. Read the Node.js docs to learn more.

Pipedream also supports Python, Bash, and Go. And you can use them all within the same workflow. We frequently write workflows that transform data with a Node.js step and calculate summary stats with Python’s pandas library, or generates images with matplotlib.

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