Meet the new Event History

Meet the new Event History

Monitor all Pipedream workflow events and their stack traces in one centralized view under the new Event History section in your dashboard.

- Filter events by workflow, status or time

- Upgrade for 30 days of extended event history

- Read the documentation

See Event History

Filtering by status

The Status filter controls which events are shown by their status.

Filtering by Time Frame

Include workflow events started within the defined range.

A demo of sharing a workflow

Filtering by Workflow

Filter events by a specific workflow. You can search by the workflow's name in the search bar in the top right.

A demo of sharing a workflow

Inspecting Events

Clicking on an individual event will open a panel that displays the steps executed, their configurations, overall performance and results.

A demo of sharing a workflow

Please reach out if you'd like to see any other improvements, or have other feature requests.