Build workflows faster with AI

Build workflows faster with AI
Build workflows even faster with Pipedream's CodeGen A.I.

The CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, recently predicted that "there will be no programmers in five years." It's an intriguing idea, but Emad is wrong.

Since the release of Copilot and ChatGPT, we've seen Pipedreamers write more code than ever. We expect that trend to continue. Thomas Frank, one of our most prolific users (see his voice notes to Notion workflow), only learned to code a year ago with the help of AI:

We've always wanted to build AI into Pipedream itself, and we knew we'd start with code. Today, we launched a way to generate code from English (or any language ChatGPT supports). You select an app, tell us what you want to do, and we'll generate the Node.js code that does it.

It's the quickest way to build integrations with any API, and gives you full code-level control over your app.

How to use it

To manage load as we scale this out, we've released this to all Advanced and Business customers. Since you're getting a dedicated AI engineer, we think it's worth the upgrade!

Add a new step to your workflow, select an app, and choose the Use AI option.

This opens a modal where you can tell us the code you want us to write. Be verbose. Write something like "Send a Slack message in the following format: Hello, ${name}. Let me select the channel from a list of available options" vs. just "Send a Slack message".

You can also edit existing code. Click the Edit with AI button at the top-right of any Node.js code step. You'll see the code gen window appear with the original code from your step. Enter a prompt to suggest an edit, and we'll give you the modified code.

The code gen service understands the Pipedream component API and references the API docs of integrated apps (opens new window). For example, you can tell it to include specific props (input) or async options, and reference specific API endpoints you want to use for the selected app. The more information you provide, the better the code will be.

What's next

First, we're adding Python support to the code gen service. Soon you'll be able to generate either Node.js or Python code with AI, all in the same workflow.

And we're testing the interface for generating full workflows, with triggers, actions, custom code, and anything you need to build your app.

We've also been working on our Q&A bot, Pi, for a few months.

Pipedream's little helper, Pi. Not affiliated with

Like ChatGPT, he provides (mostly) human-level answers on a range of questions about Pipedream, APIs, and code. He's fun to talk to, he's saving us hours of time a day, and he's providing support to our community that we never could without an artificial assistant.

You can chat with him in our Slack and Discourse communities, and we're planning to embed him directly in so you can ask him questions as you build workflows.

Please let us know if you see any bugs, want to suggest a feature, or just want to chat about AI integrations!