Workflow "Paused"

Hey @silisolutionist & @dylburger,

the job 13bba6bf-8d7c-4edc-bbc3-01571cb5cf0f was still being processed by Verifalia and that was expected: it was not stuck but simply needs to be reprocessed in order to get a definite status code, according to the Extreme quality level logic chosen upon submitting it. Should you need to process it faster (with the risk of getting more transient status codes), please choose a lower quality level like Standard. Also, for additional hints you may want to read this short article on our website: How do result quality levels work?

The job has been completed and, apparently, the related Pipedream webhook was called successfully at 2022-08-22T00:37:09.966 at the following URL:

Please let us if you need further assistance.
Thank you!


Thanks for the update. Could you please advise how long one should wait for an Extreme verification to process? The article says 2 minutes, in this case, the processing still wasn’t complete 45 minutes later.

Hey @silisolutionist, the overall processing time for our premium quality levels depends on the specific mail exchanger under test and the transient status codes we got: for example, we retry mailboxes over quota several times with an exponential backoff, with the aim of returning a definite status code if possible.

The 2 minutes anti-tarpit/greylisting time applies to each validation pass: our Extreme quality level features up to 9 validation passes and may require even hours to complete, while our High quality level 3. If you wish to get your verification results within seconds - albeit with the risk of getting some transient status code - we would suggest to just stick with our Standard quality level. :wink:

I hope this helps you!


Appreciate the reply. However, it still isn’t clear to me how long I should wait before lodging a support request. How many hours is “hours”?

@silisolutionist you are always welcome!

The overall processing time depends on several factors, as I mentioned, including:

  • the quality level you chose upon submitting;
  • the number of email addresses under test;
  • the actual external mail exchangers which we verify the emails against (many are super fast, some others are not);
  • your Verifalia plan; and,
  • your account usage load.

This is why it is impossible to come up with a single, correct answer.

With that being said, you could assume an email verification submitted through our Extreme quality level should be completed within about 6 hours: generally speaking, you should submit lists using this quality level (along with our High quality level) only if you can afford waiting. If you can’t, please just use our Standard quality level which allows to verify email addresses in seconds (if not in milliseconds, depending on the aforementioned factors).

As a side note, we are already monitoring our email verification jobs and are alerted if issues arise - there is usually no need to contact us in those cases, but if you do we will be happy to help!


Right - I’ll keep that in mind, i.e. 6 hours - before I report an issue here.

Thanks again.

Hi @verifalia @dylburger

I received an email from Pipedream yesterday afternoon about the workflow hitting a “throttling limit” set in Verifalia after submitting 45 new records to Airtable (not many by any standard).

(continued in next message as I can only embed 1 image per message)

I have checked the Verifalia user which was set up for this workflow and there isn’t a throttling limit set.

There is one record left which doesn’t show a verification status in Airtable - 2EgSi7i0soadTC2Yd5ViIiurhuS.

I have waited for about 20 hours since the submissions before posting this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @verifalia @dylburger,

Just following up on this as it has been a couple of days since the issue arose and the verification for that email is still in error mode.


Since the error is being returned from @verifalia , I’ll let their team respond!

Hello everybody,

we are looking into this, possibly extending the technical discussion privately with the Pipedream team.
@silisolutionist we will follow up here once we have a definite answer for this issue.

Thanks for your patience.

Short update: we were blocked by an open issue / limitation (tracked here: I'd like a list of public IP addresses tied to traffic sent from my workflow · Issue #178 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub) but have possibly found a viable work-around. We are currently waiting for Pipedream (@dylburger - please check your Slack) to verify whether we are on the right track.

Thank you.

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Hi @verifalia

Wondering if this issue has been fixed? I’ve just encountered the error again for 2 verifications.

Hi @verifalia,

I did submit a ticket using your Request support link 2 days ago but did not receive a reply. No reply was posted to my last comment in this thread either.

I am needing to validate a large email list of up to 2000 emails per day over 2 weeks and I need confirmation that this setup with Pipedream is going to work and I am not going to run into any issues with using either Verifalia or Pipedream with the throttling limit issue.

If I do not hear back, I am going to assume that the issue isn’t resolved and move to a different provider.

Hello @silisolutionist,

as my colleagues let you know through our helpdesk system a couple of days ago, the throttling issue is due to the fact there is no way (yet) to add a client secret to the requests coming from Pipedream; we have implemented a workaround for that since ~15 days ago and are testing it on a portion of our email verification nodes: it would take us about one more week to finish testing this patch.

The solution is not fully deployed, and if you are in a hurry and wish to avoid the throttling limit completely we would suggest to submit your lists through our API or via our clients area.

As a side note, please consider we do not actively monitor this forum - so please contact us through our clients area only.


Hi @silisolutionist,

I am following up here, in addition to our private conversation through our helpdesk system, to let other pipedreamers know that we have finished deploying the workaround mentioned earlier: you should not see the 429 Too Many Requests error anymore in the Pipedream integration for Verifalia.

If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will always be glad to help you!


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