What Progress Has Been Made in Creating a Personal Knowledge Management System Using Pipedream?

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Ladies and gents, I’m a little over 2 weeks into a project where I build a second brain. Its a personal knowledge management system for notes and tasks. there are tons of templates all over the web to do this. I have never clicked with any of them. So Im using pipedream to remove all the points of friction and see if I can turn things I already use into ingestion systems for my second brain.

My first major milestone was thanks to Usemotion being added on the fly because I tweeted at Tod… So after I picked my jaw up off the floor I got to work.

Here is the rough framework I am iterating. As you can see I have pipedream in use at 3 points in the workflow, and the numbers are growing. I have had a little trouble getting github to work. I think private REPOS are a little tricky. I also have some POC i want to build for Microsoft Teams. My next step will be exploring the Thomas Frank notion & whisper toolbox he started. I carved a large place in the architecture for this =)

Here is a look at what I have. Will pop back in when I have more integrations to speak of. Happy Friday!

Wow that’s quite the system you have built here.

Could you tell us more about useMotion? I’m not familiar myself, how was it a game changer for you?

It’s a couple of things rolled into a single platform. It has a booking page, so a built in calendly clone.

It has a multi calendar integration (previously had a caldav synch option, however it was recently retired)

and has a to-do list and project management suite.

it then layers these ontop of one anothe and sprinkles a little AI ontop to automatically schedule your tasks into your calendar. As new things pop up, it can rebuild your day and or priorities on the fly. It is very expensive for an app in the productivity space, however I have gotten my moneys worth so far.

Hey cool, I took BASB way back and even mentored 2 cohorts, but haven’t been in since the ai boom.

Have you used readwise/reader? It’s the buffer between content I capture and what actually ends up notion.

Also scribe is awesome.

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No, I had used raindrop as my filter/bookmark manager. Still experiemtning