Is it Possible to Make Batch HTTP POST Requests in a Pipedream Workflow?

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I am using pipedream workflow which consists: cron schedule trigger which runs every 15min and HTTP POST request. Is it possible to make batch HTTP POST requests in single workflow?

Hello , for now you can call many requests in a code step using Node.js/Python

1 step is schedule step and one more step is for POST request.

If I want to do batch requests i.e 4-5 then I will need to add 4-5 additional steps in workflow is that correct?

Yes, if you want to call multiple requests you will need to add multiple HTTP request actions. Or you can add a single code step action with the logic to call the request in batch

How is billing done? I see 10k invocations mentioned on pricing page. If workflow has 5 steps then each step is calculated as one invocation? or is it 1 invocation of workflow it does not matter if there are 5 steps or 1 step

, Pipedream recently switched to Credits, you can read more about Credits here. I pasted the important part below

Pipedream charges one credit per 30 seconds of compute time at 256 megabytes of memory (the default) per workflow execution.
The number of steps in a workflow has no impact on credit usage. Credits are not charged for workflows during development or testing.
Adding additional memory capacity to workflows will increase credit usage in intervals of 256 megabytes. For example, doubling the memory of a workflow from 256 to 512 will double the cost of credits in the same execution time.

Got it. Thanks a lot

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