Facing Request failed with status code 429 when implementing list user tweets action

I am trying to retrieve last 10 tweets and I used the action named list user tweets and I am getting an error named Request failed with status code 429 Too many requests.

I have even tried using additional parameters like :

  1. Max API Requests per execution - 1
  2. Count - 10

Hi @radhikakondapaneni

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

The Twitter app on Pipedream is unique in that all Pipedream workflows share the same rate limiting, this is because technically it’s the same app in Twitter’s perspective.

You can separate your usage from other Pipedream users by registering your own Twitter app and using the Pipedream Twitter Developer App instead of the Twitter app integration.

This will separate your requests “pool” from the rest of the Pipedream user base.

OK will try that . Thanks for your information.

hello @pierce and @radhikakondapaneni . I’m new to pipedream and have a similar problem.
Does that mean that the Twitter integration is more or less useless? My use case is to cross post all my tweets to a telegram group. It worked for a while even though I had a lot of 429s before, now there is nothing but 429s and nothing gets through. :frowning:
Is there a way to get that working reliably with pipedream without setting up a seperate server or going premium?
Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

Hi @pipedream-4ffb91

We’re working on bringing a v2 of the Twitter app to Pipedream which will support Twitter’s newest API that has a higher limit per app. However, the same shared rate limit will still apply.

I recommend following the advice I posted above: Facing Request failed with status code 429 when implementing list user tweets action - #2 by pierce

It does not require paying for a server nor does it involve paying a premium subscription with Twitter.

You can register an app with Twitter and still use Pipedream to run workflows using your Twitter app’s credentials instead of the shared Pipedream app.

Hope this helps!

to be honest this is a little bit overwhelming for me. can you please give me a few pointers where to start? I can code a little bit (mostly Arduino) but this network stuff is completely new to me.

edit: Thanks allot for the quick reply by the way. :slight_smile:

You can start by opening up the Twitter Developer Dashboard:


Then you can register a new v1.1 app there.

After your app has been approved by Twitter, you can use the OAuth credentials provided in that dashboard to authenticate with the Twitter Developer App in Pipedream: https://pipedream.com/apps/twitter-developer-app

Hope this helps!

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