400 Error From Strava to Bubble via HTTP POST

I’ve got a few webhooks from Strava to Bubble. Rather than use the Bubble action, I’m using the HTTP POST one as the Bubble one was a GET which isn’t what I needed from Strava.

I have it setup and it works perfectly on Bubble for my development instance, but fails for my “live” instance. The workflows are identical other than the URL changes between development and live to remove a /version-test/ from it. I get a Code 400 as the error.

Appreciate any help on this!

Hi @jeffstroh , I wrote up a guide on how to troubleshoot 400 errors like this. Could you take a look at that and let me know if that helps?

Thanks for sharing that. Definitely saving for future reference.

I figured out that my webhook is working fine, but it was step in the Bubble workflow after the webhook that was causing the problem.

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