Write NodeJS and use Lodash — no npm install or package.json required

Write NodeJS and use Lodash — no npm install or package.json required

It's easy to use Lodash (or any npm package) on Pipedream. Add a code step and just require the package – there's no package.json file to upload or edit. When you deploy your workflow, we automatically install any npm packages so your code just works!

const _ = require('lodash')

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What is Lodash?

Lodash is a JavaScript library that helps programmers write more concise and maintainable JavaScript.

It can be broken down into several main areas:

  • Utilities - for simplifying common programming tasks such as determining type as well as simplifying math operations.
  • Function - simplifying binding, decorating, constraining, throttling, debouncing, currying, and changing the pointer.
  • String - conversion functions for performing basic string operations, such as trimming, converting to uppercase, camel case, etc.
  • Array - creating, splitting, combining, modifying, and compressing
  • Collection - iterating, sorting, filtering, splitting, and building
  • Object - accessing, extending, merging, defaults, and transforming
  • Seq - chaining, wrapping, filtering, and testing.

Excerpted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lodash