Pipedream: Customer facing integration prototypes

Pipedream: Customer facing integration prototypes

Daniel Lang
CEO & Co-Founder at Mangomint

The Challenge

Our customers regularly request integrations with third party tools and the initial requests often face the same dilemma – is this going to be a one off effort? Or a feature for our entire user base? Building new integrations is an investment, and it is challenging prioritizing the work when there isn’t clear demand beyond the first customer that requested it.

This exact situation presented itself when a few customers requested a Shopify integration. We thought this would be worthwhile to build, but also wanted to build a functional proof of concept - without the hassle of handling OAuth or publishing a full-fledged Shopify app and completing their lengthy review process. The goal was to rapidly build out and deliver a working prototype to our customers.

We needed a solution that would make building this easy, and allow the team to quickly test and iterate on the integration while validating that it met the customer’s needs.

The Solution

Pipedream's simplicity and flexibility made it the ideal choice for building out this initial integration. The full support of Javascript within workflow steps was perfect for our development team and made it easy to rapidly iterate on our integration as we developed it. The built-in Shopify connections meant we could bypass the intricacies of building authentication and connecting API endpoints, saving our team time while getting this initial integration stood up for our customers.

With Pipedream, we were able to quickly build the integration prototype and deliver it to our customers.

This solution also scaled for us, allowing us to provide the integration to multiple customers as we further tested and validated the demand. Beyond the initial integration, we have since used Pipedream for a variety of internal workflows as well as other one-off customer integrations - it has been great and we continue to add more workflows all the time!