Introducing one second cron jobs

Introducing one second cron jobs

Pipedream allows you to run hosted scheduled jobs — commonly called a "cron job" — for free. Before, these jobs could be run every 5 minutes.

Today, we're introducing up to one second cron jobs.

- Make HTTP requests, build an API or run code on a schedule

- Trigger workflows as frequently as once per second

- Available on our Advanced & Business plans

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How it works

Pipedream manages the servers where these cron jobs run, so you don't have to worry about setting up a server of your own or operating some service just to run code on a schedule.

You can write a cron job to:

- Send an HTTP request to any URL on a schedule

- Pull data from an API, process it, & send results to Slack or S3

- Run any Node.js code, using almost any npm package

Setting your schedule

First, select the Custom Interval trigger.

A demo of sharing a workflow

Then, select your scheduling options:

- Every: run the job every second, minute or hour

- Daily / Weekly / Monthly: run the job at a specified time

- Cron Expression: schedule your job using a cron expression. For example, the expression 0 0 * * * will run the job every day at midnight.

A demo of sharing a workflow

Please reach out if you'd like to see any other improvements, or have other feature requests.

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