Zoom Admin Permissions

We have a business license with Zoom. I’m not the owner, but I am a full-rights admin. I can’t get Zoom Admin to connect to my account. It will only accept the Owner.

Did anything change in the past few months?

Hi @coderader

It’s possible that Zoom scopes have changed since you last tried, or that Zoom itself has changed their API authenticiation.

Is there a specific error message you’re seeing? Can you share it with us?

Here’s what if gives me when I try to connect my account in Pipedream.

Thanks for the screenshot, that’s very helpful.

So we actually have two separate Zoom integrations and I believe this authentication issue is the reason why.


Zoom Admin

Could you try authenticating with a regular Zoom app integration? I believe the Zoom Admin scopes must include a scope that’s for owner’s only.

Yes, I can connect with the normal Zoom API, but that doesn’t help me. I need the Admin API for my pipe. What I do is grab the recordings from Zoom and move them to Google Drive and then delete them from Zoom. The deleting is where I need the admin api. It was working with my credentials until earlier this year. Again, Zoom says it should work from their end.