Workflow performance

I have a workflow that seems to take a long time to spin up. Looking at the execution time, and subtracting the times steps seemed to take, it looked like 5,823ms to spin up, or overhead somewhere I’m not seeing.

I’m wondering if this is usual with workflow performance, or if it’s because I’m on the free plan currently? Is there a way to pay to have workflows start faster?

@bengale Thanks for reaching out. Yes, some amount of startup time is expected under certain conditions. This doesn’t change on the paid plans. I’ll recommend a couple of ways you may be able to reduce this:

  • Most users see this intermittently, when a new worker spins up to handle an incoming request. We call these “cold starts”. You can implement this technique to keep a worker warm at all times, reducing the startup time for the cold start.
  • You can also try increasing your workflow’s memory in your workflow’s Settings. Part of the startup time involves us downloading any dependencies in your workflow and spinning up some of our own internal code that executes your workflow. Increasing the memory gives you increased compute, and it can help speed up your workflow in general.

Let me know if that helps!