Why is my RSS to YouTube workflow repeatedly sending the same video?

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Support, My RSS to YouTube workflow checks every 15 minutes. But it is always counting the latest item a new item, even if it has already processed that item. So it will send the same video to YouTube over and over. I have the guid set on each rss item. What could be wrong?

Thanks for reaching out. Could you do me a favor and provide the RSS feed URL? I’d like to take a look and attempt to reproduce on our end.


thanks, looking into it


I tried using the RSS - New Item in Feed event source at https://pipedream.com/sources, entered the URL xSportsReport.com Videos Feed , and manually ran the source to collect new items multiple times. I only saw two items emitted from the source on the first run, but haven’t seen duplicate runs since then.

Could you try re-creating the source / trigger and see if you observe the same issue?

will do. thx