Why Is My Entire Pipedream Account Broken?

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I can’t edit any workflow, or load event history in my entire pipedream account.
Video of chrome console errors attached.
I’ve tried different browsers and incognito mode too.
Log and video attached
Account: AIT (callum.boase.webdev@gmail.com)
The problem started when I was testing my global error workflow, which itself errored and started creating a loop of errors triggering itself, but now my whole account seems broken.

I apologize, we have an ongoing incident (see incidents). Once that’s resolved, you should reload the page and try again, but this appears related.

The incident should be resolved. Let me know if you’re still seeing any issues after a refresh.

Thanks I’m still seeing the error unchanged even after refresh, and hard refresh

Confirmed in 2 browsers - the issue is ongoing for me

We’ll look into this ASAP, thanks for testing

Can you do me a favor and visit the network tab, then filter on requests to api.pipedream.com? Visit a workflow like you did in the video. Then once you see the 400 Bad Request error, can you show me the response you get?

Does this give you what you need?
Happy to export the output too, just couldn’t figure out how

Happy to provide anything else useful, just LMK

Can you click on the response tab?

Sorry I thought that was a screenshot, I see that now thanks

I see the issue, talking to the team

Could you do me a favor and try once more? We shipped a fix that should be out now

Was working a while, now can’t edit a workflow, all actions display as “Preparing…”

started in maybe the last ~5-10min?

Related to this issue or perhaps entirely new?

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce in my account. It would help to have you:

  1. Hard refresh pipedream.com to fetch the latest version from our CDN
  2. Take a quick Slack recording like Callum did above. If you can open your browser’s developer tools, if would help to see the network traffic / specific HTTP responses so I can see exactly what’s failing for you.

Roger, let me do that now.

DM sent to you

it’s working for me now