What Are the Parameters Necessary to Configure Telegram?

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I mean - in Telegram configure I need to set

Hi Victor, maybe take a look at how to use webhook data in this video:

If you need to modify this data or reassign it to a different variable name, take a look at how to use Node.js to export data:

Hi Dylan!
Thanx for the video. But it is not solve my problem(
I need to know is there buildin variables in pipedream workflow?

Yes please see the 2nd video about Step Exports. That’s how data is passed between steps.

Well. Before I saw your reply - i did kind of workaround. Using bash script step in workflow )

Get json data from remote site - parse data from json - and pass it to Telegram step

# $PIPEDREAM_STEPS file contains data from previous steps
DMRID=$(cat $PIPEDREAM_STEPS | jq .trigger.event.body.params | jq 'keys[0]')
CALLSIGN=$(cat $PIPEDREAM_STEPS | jq .trigger.event.body.params | jq 'keys[1]')
echo ${DMRID}
echo ${CALLSIGN}

# Write data to $PIPEDREAM_EXPORTS to return it from the step
# Exports must be written as key=value


this is the middle step in workflow