Webhook to Google Sheets Error

I’m using a paid service called FlexiQuiz to sell online quizzes. I have a webhook that is triggered every time a quiz is submitted. My main goal is to target people who try my free sample quiz and I can gather their contact info. I then manually email these people offering them a discount on my paid quizzes. ULTIMATELY, I’d like to automate this as well.
Everything works fine, but sometimes I get an error when a trigger does not contain all the necessary data. It may be an error on the FlexiQuiz end. Check out the attached images to see when the error occurs (when quiz_id is all zeros). It’s as if it is getting triggered, but no response is actually submitted from FlexiQuiz.
I have contacted support at FlexiQuiz as well, but I was wondering if there was an if/then statement that I could use within Pipedream that would not to ADD that row to my Google Sheet if the quiz_id returns all zeros.

@craftmath Thanks for reaching out. Yes! This is possible.

  1. Add a new step to your workflow
  2. Search for the Filter app

  1. Select the End Workflow on Condition action

  1. Fill out the fields of the action like below. If you hover over the value with all zeros in your sample event, you’ll see the option to Copy Value, so you can copy that into the Value to compare against field.

This will end the workflow when the quiz ID has that value with all zeroes.

Let me know if that helps!

I think this was the ticket! Just test and it did end the workflow on that event, but it continued on a legit submitted response. Thanks so much! The “filter” app has really opened the door for me for adding to this workflow. I’ll follow up with additional questions as needed. How do I pay you since this was a hire request… not a problem man.

I’m a founder at Pipedream so no payment required! But hopefully Pipedream provides enough value for you that you’ll end up subscribing some day :slight_smile: .

For sure… I’m going to try to integrate my Google Workspace email to automatically email potential customers. If I get that to work, I’m 100% confident that a paid subscription would be worth it… especially if I start migrating my Zapier and Pabbly integrations… slowly getting the hang of this. Thanks again man.

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