Way to redeploy a batch of pipes?

I’d like to redeploy a number of jobs/pipes, but there doesn’t seem to be a good way of doing it. I have to hit “Replay” by all of them and it’s really easy to lose where you are.

Is there a better way to select more than one pipe to replay?

Hi @alex-135501

I’m assuming by “pipe” you mean “event” in your workflow inspector. But if not let me know!

At this time there are only 2 options to replay events in the workflow inspector, by replaying them individually or replaying all of them.

Could you tell me more about your use case? Is your workflow failing frequently and that’s why you need to replay events?

Yes, I mean events.

I had an error in a workflow and had 30+ webhooks come in and failed bc of that error. I fixed it and would like to re-run all of the events, but the only way to do that is one at a time.

I don’t see an option to replay all of them?

Hi @alex-135501 , my apologies I was going off of muscle memory, there is a Delete All Events but not a replay all events yet. Sorry about that.

I’ve opened up a feature request here you can subscribe to, but I agree this would be very useful for broken webhooks for example: