Very simple HTTP API Request fail


I am evaluating Pipedream … so far the first thing I try failed. I’ve read the help doc many time, no help for that.

Created many workflow with the same thing … didn’t work!

HTTP API Request → Return custom response = The workflow trigger is not compatible with $.respond


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Make sure to click Retern a custom response from your workflow

Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I did…

I will create a new workflow and post picture of the steps.

All stock example code nothing custom at all!

I just want to test the response time with a custom response.

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Hi @julien-1f7b08

Thanks for sharing the very thorough screenshots and steps you took, I was able to reproduce the same bug. I’ve also filed a bug report on our Github tracker here:

Thanks for your patience!

Hi @julien-1f7b08

Thanks for your patience. This bug should be fixed, you’ll just need to edit and resave your HTTP trigger, then and redeploy your workflow for the effect to take place.

Hello. I also can not get the response body, everything is according to the instructions.

Hi @elizavnikolaeva

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

Please try editing your trigger, saving it, then returning it to the original setting and saving again.

This will cause your trigger to get the code update that fixes this issue.

Alternatively you can delete the trigger entirely and create a new one. The fresh HTTP source will also fix the bug.