Unable to send data to pipedream's sql service


I have been trying to send data to pipedream sql service but failed on multiple attempts. It says success during test at the sql step but switching to pipedream.com/sql says “No tables found. Please send data to the Pipedream SQL service to get started.”

Video here at the 1hr mark. Twitch

Please can someone confirm what am i doing wrong?


@goldzulu could you do me a favor and click the Share button at the top of your workflow and share it with dylan@pipedream.com? I’d like to take a look at the event data you’re sending to the SQL service to see if I can help you narrow down the issue.


@goldzulu and I had some correspondence over email I wanted to share publicly.

The data you send to the SQL Service must be JSON or a reference to a JavaScript object. See this section of the docs for more detail. Typically, when you send data to the SQL Service and you don’t see the record appear in your table, you’re not passing valid JSON.

If you want to manually construct an object, I’d recommend doing it like so:

{{ {
  "var1": path.to.variable,
  "var2": path.to.other.variable,
} }}

Note that within the {{ }}, I’m just constructing a JavaScript object like I would normally in JS: you can put any valid JavaScript expression inside of the {{ }}. Here, you’ll need to include the { } that surround the object, and reference the values of keys by variable name directly (i.e. you don’t need to wrap these inside of {{ }}).