Twitter: "code": 185, "message": "User is over daily status update limit

Hi Guys

I started testing a workflow that triggers a post on Twitter. Workflow executed a few times correctly, but then got this message when the workflow failed

Unexpected error (status code: 403): { “errors”: [ { “code”: 185, “message”: “User is over daily status update limit.” } ] }

Google search indicates this could be Twitter limiting posts / hour. But this workflow only triggered a few times, so doubt its related to my account posting.

Not sure what’s causing the rate limit throttling. Could it be related to how many requests are coming from pipedream?

A possible related posts on twitter forum with staff replies

Cheers for any help

Hi @cobaintradealerts

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

The Twitter app on Pipedream is unique in that all Pipedream workflows share the same rate limiting, this is because technically it’s the same app in Twitter’s perspective.

You can separate your usage from other Pipedream users by registering your own Twitter app and using the Pipedream Twitter Developer App instead of the Twitter app integration.

This will separate your requests “pool” from the rest of the Pipedream user base.