Trying to Setup a workflow with Ringcentral account

We created a test account. and we are trying to setup the following workflow:

  1. Event on all incoming calls to an extension in RingCentral account
  2. Send the data to a third party webhook.

The workflow is setup but does not work. We event tried to add a step to email when the event is triggered but does not do anything.



I don’t have an answer - but I am also looking for help with this. I currently have ours set up to send a SMS every time a incoming SMS comes in during off hours to let them know we are not available right now - BUT the problem is that it continues to send SMS regardless of the time. So I’ve been disabling it and re-enabling it.

I don’t know Java, just CSS and HTML. So I’m literally lost here. If you have suggestions, or if anyone else does, I’d like to know. Even answering Fran’s questions could be helpful. Thanks.

Hi @brentwarfcp and @shawn3,

Sorry to hear there’s issues with the RingCentral setup in your workflows - could you tell me which trigger action you’re using specifically?

If possible, can you also share the workflow with support? There’s an option under the individual workflow settings to allow us to help troubleshoot.


I am also trying to setup a RingCentral workflow with no success.

Starting with the trigger (see screenshot), I’m seeing a Warning that I need to “Select an Event”. But since the the trigger is “New Outbound Call” isn’t an outbound call the triggering event? Besides there is nothing for me to select so I’m confused.

I placed an outgoing call from my RingCentral phone and nothing happens in PipeDream.

Hi @calipa

First off, welcome to the Pipedream community. Happy to have you!

I took a look at the logs of your RingCentral source, and it appears that the webhook that powers that event isn’t sending Pipedream any data, which this trigger relies on to function properly.

I do not have a RingCentral account myself, but I have went ahead and filed an issue for you on our public tracker: [BUG] RingCentral "missed inbound calls" not emitting · Issue #2543 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

A team member with RingCentral access will troubleshoot and attempt to fix the bug. Please subscribe to that issue for updates.

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