Trigger an Excel VBA script with a webhook

The title says it all.
I want to use a webhook to start an Excel VBA script via pipedream.
Can this be done?

Hi @v.piasta

If your VBA script can subscription to Server Side Events or exposes an API endpoint to receive webhooks, then yes you can use a Pipedream workflow to execute the VBA script remotely.

Server Side Events: Server-Sent Events (SSE)

Thank you Pierce. I have this possibility. It requires polling a serverside script or file. I was looking for a solution that does not require sending periodic HTTP requests to the server.
The idea was to use push notices. As they are local events (client side), I was looking for a way to use them, just like you can use an email to trigger a VBA script (which I have done before).

Sorry @v.piasta , I’m not familiar with what’s possible with VBA scripts specifically.

You can send an HTTP request from a workflow, or send an email or send a Server Side Event which I mentioned.

Hopefully one of those interfaces can cause a locally hosted VBA script to execute.