Stripe / Vend Integration

Describe your needs and project in details.
I’m looking for a developer who can set up an integration where a transaction on Stripe will automatically add on store credit to an existing customer or create a customer and add store credit to their account if the customer does not already exist on Vend (Lightspeed Retail).

What services or apps do you need to integrate?
Stripe and Vend

What steps should this workflow take?

  1. Extract metadata from stripe transaction
  2. If stripe transaction is a store credit purchase, check if the store credit recipient exists on Vend
  3. If yes, issue store credit to their account
  4. If no, create customer and then add store credit to their account

What should trigger this workflow?
Purchase success on stripe.

Any more details that are important for a Pipedream Expert to know?
The customer in Vend should correspond to a special metadata field in Stripe, not the customer in stripe. The customer in stripe is adding store credit to another person’s account.

I’m happy to discuss this in further detail and answer any remaining questions.

Mike, we can help.

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