Stripe app keeps asking me to reconnect

Whenever I want to add a step with a Stripe action, I’m asked to reconnect:

I tried doing this directly in accounts (just like we had to do for Google Docs a few days ago), but the behavior remains.

Clicking on reconnect works, but I’d prefer it if I only had to do this once.

@nachocab thanks for reporting, this should be fixed. Can you confirm it looks OK on your side?

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Perfect. Thanks for the fix. It works now :+1:

Also, I think I need an algorithm to know if I should post on Github, Slack or Discourse. :sweat_smile: Or is it just a matter of preference?

Purely a matter of preference. Some people prefer synchronous chat so Slack works best, others mostly live on GitHub so it’s natural for them to open an issue, etc.

If you don’t have a preference, we prefer Discourse for the SEO benefits.

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