Shopify + google sheets

Seeking a pipedream expert who can do some basic workflow / integration between shopify and google sheets - with specific formatting.

Trigger 1 = shopify shopify new order > create row in sheets, populate predefined fields (e.g. shipping postcode, created date, etc)

The sheet has three types of col.

  1. Basic data - e.g. order date, shipping post code - these are straight forward
  2. Some merged fields - e.g. one cell in sheets, that needs to include ALL line itmes - 10 * skuA, 5 * skuB etc,
  3. Some columns for total if col header and SKU match , e.g. if sku = 123, then insert line item qty

The sheet has addtional cells that are used via other apps and/or users who update relevant rows / col (but do not change / edit col that will be auto populated by this workfllow, consider locked cells?)

And finally
Trigger2 - if shopify order modified, then lookup ID cell and modify only above relevant fields.

I Think the above describes the task clear enough. Any questions - hit me up.

If you can manage this - in a couple hours work - be in touch please

(and if your from Ukraine then thats a big plus)
What services or apps do you need to integrate?


What steps should this workflow take?

What should trigger this workflow?

Any more details that are important for a Pipedream Expert to know?

Hey ShimmyO, we can help! Book a time to discuss here

Shimmy, not sure if you received the email confirmation. I’m here: Launch Meeting - Zoom

ShimmyO, shoot me an email Cheers!