Remove @ from tweet

Hi. I have set the workflow to when new tweet → telegram bot post into chanel.
The problem is that, with Message Text {{event.full_text}} it send the full tweet, including @ and #, and the problem with telegram is that @ are linked to Telegram users, and none of them exists.
Is there any way to post all the tweet EXCEPT the @ mentions and the #?


You may be able to accomplish the same goal by applying some special formatting to the Telegram message so the @ and # symbols don’t get recognized as links. Have you checked out Telegram’s documentation yet? Telegram Bot API

Yes, but I can’t find the combination…

Since we allow JavaScript inside the {{ }} where you’re passing the Tweet to the Telegram action, you can update the param to something like this:
{{event.full_text.replace(/@|#/gi, "")}}

That will search for any @ or # and strip them out.

Amazing! thanks for the help. Without wanting to abuse, I take the opportunity to ask you: how can I adjust the code to remove everything after the # or the @? The code only removes the mentions.
Thanks again

I found it, {{event.full_text.replace(/((@|#)[a-zA-Z0-9-_.]+( ?))/gi, ‘’)}}


Yes, sorry for the delay in getting back to you Mateo. Regular expressions are super powerful - glad you got it working.