Postgres New Row Trigger Going Wild


I just had a Postgres trigger that is built to look for new rows added to a database start firing off events for every row that was already in the database. Is there a way to look into what caused already existing rows to cause “new row” events in the source? This trigger/workflow has been running for a little over 10 days and had been working as expected until an hour or so ago.

Please let me know what information you need in order to dig into the issue.


Hello @tully,

First of all, welcome to Pipedream!

In order for me to reproduce your issue, may I ask:

  • Your Postges source log screenshot. You can access this by go to > Sources > select your Postgres source > Logs

  • Did you switched on/off the source before the issue happened?
  • Have your database schema change before the issue happened?
  • Have your Column prop set to the primary column of your table?
  • Is there any duplicated values of the column set to the Column prop?
  • Is it possible for you to provide the schema of this column?

For now as a workaround, I would suggest to create a new Postgres - New Row trigger to replace the existing one for your workflow.

Though note that please keep the existing source so that we can debug :pray:

Hi @tully

Last night around 8:00 EST / 5:00 PST we had an incident with the deduplication system that prevents remitting of duplicate events. It was fixed by 8:30 EST. We’re doing a post-mortem on this incident and really appreciate your patience.

It wasn’t an issue with your Postgres database or the Postgres component, just the underlying platform.