Permissions issues for Pipedream Shopify app

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Antanas Perez : Hi,
We have a connection between Pipedream and shopify.
We’ve built and automation and it has been workly smoothly for a couple of monhts.
A couple of week ago, Pipedream has lost the right permissions to Shopify. Everything looks good but haven’t been able to restore the right permissions. Who can help?


Dylan Pierce : Hi Antanas - which permissions are you looking for?

Antanas Perez : I need to be able to:

Antanas Perez : I can see it here

Antanas Perez : but it’s giving me an error:

Antanas Perez : Then I have this info on Shopify.
I’ve tried to reinstall but didn’t work

Antanas Perez : I’m seeing the same Installation failed after reinstallation

Dylan Pierce : Shopify is deprecating it’s Custom Apps distribution method, which is what we’ve been using for awhile now. We’re in the process of applying for a public app on the actual marketplace.

Dylan Pierce : I’m not aware of this orders_write restriction on our account, I don’t believe that requires special permissions.

But in the meantime, you could define a webhook in your Shopify settings for new orders.

Antanas Perez : ok, I’ll try this

Antanas Perez : thanks

Dylan Pierce : I was able to login with a test shop and create an order with the Shopify Create Order action on Pipedream

Dylan Pierce : I used the Connected Accounts section in Pipedream to add a new Shopify store, and that seemed to connect just fine

Dylan Pierce : Maybe try that intself