Notion Updated Page Source Not Generating Events

I’m not seeing any new events being generated from the Notion Updated Page Source I’ve created. Please let me know what additional information you need from me in order to be able to dig into the issue in greater detail. Below is a video showing the issue I’m experiencing.

Hey @tully, thanks for the video, it is really helpful. I’ve just tested the source and it seems to work here on my side.

An update to this source was published nearly 21h ago, could you try it again and see if it works?
Can you also try deleting your Notion account in Pipedream and adding it again?

If it still doesn’t work, I noticed that the page breadcrumbs show the parent database:
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 10.15.41 AM
From your video it seems that the database you selected had the title Campaign List but in the Notion tab it looks like it’s named Master Campaign Launch Template. Could you also check if you selected the correct database?

Please let me know the results for these tests.

Morning Andrew,

Thanks for the quick follow-up.

I deleted my Notion account and added it back in, but that didn’t work. I then built a source to catch updates off of a different Notion database, and it worked without any issues. I then went into the config of that source and switched the database to Campaign List, and it started working. So I think we’re good.

With regards to the correct database comment you mentioned…Notion has the ability to have linked views of a database, so that’s what the Master Campaign Launch Template was. It’s just a view of the Campaign List database.

Thanks again for the quick reply. I’ll reach out if I run into any additional issues or have any other questions.


That’s great! And a also bit weird.
Oh that’s cool, I’ve just started learning about Notion, so I’m not that familiar with it yet.
Feel free to report on anything you find. Thanks!

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