Notion -> Gmail Integration

Looking for someone to create integration between my Notion databases and Gmail. I need to generate a “weekly” snapshot for a client based on properties in a notion database.

What services or apps do you need to integrate?

What steps should this workflow take?
This automation would run on a weekly basis and pull properties from a notion database and email those properties to a contact using Gmail.

Step 1: Run on a Weekly Schedule
Step 2: Query A Specific Notion Database filtering database items with two different statuses
Step 3: Extract 3 specific properties for each database item that has one of the two current statues
Step 4: List the properties for each database item in an email and email a specific contact using Gmail

What should trigger this workflow?
Weekly Cron job.

Any more details that are important for a Pipedream Expert to know?
This is just one of many integrations that I need completed with Notion. This will be a good start though.

Hi Shaun, we can help with it. Book a time with me here