Need Google Calendar Filters to Trigger to Twilio

Describe your needs and project in details:
I need Google Calendar to do a few things before triggering an SMS text.

For Newly Created Events:

  1. Continue the automation ONLY IF:
    The event creator email inside of the Google Calendar item. See attached picture 1.png

  2. Continue the automation ONLY IF:
    The Event Summary in Google Calendar contains certain words. In the example, if it contains “Trial” or if it contains “Hair” then proceed. I like the current platform I am using (it is going out of business though Oct 1) as it allows to ignore case, but I can put in multiple words like Trial, trial if we can’t ignore case, no problem. See 2nd image, 2.png at this dropbox folder: Dropbox - Pipedream - Simplify your life

*** In a perfect world, the automation would only continue now if there is a 10 digit number in the event description field, such as 5135551212
Otherwise, Twilio will error out in the next step, but this is very optional, and I don’t want to do this step if it creates a lot of programming to check that field to ensure 10 digits, and only 10 digits, nothing else.

  1. Send the SMS (via Twilio, or some other SMS provider if you prefer though I already have Twilio acccount. I would like to be able to select the twilio number from my account (probably a native feature to Pipedream). Then, I would need to have the Destination phone number be +1 and then the Event Description field from Google, as that is where they are putting in client phone number for the appointment reminder. See twilio1.png in that same dropbox folder above.

If you look at the above image, it shows a Formatted Date/Time - we need that to format our date time to be May 5, 2022 and the time to be 11:20am or something similar. Something everyone in the US is used to seeing (Month-Day-Year) and then 12hr, not 24 hour.

What services or apps do you need to integrate?
Google Calendar and Twilio

What steps should this workflow take?
All steps are referenced above

What should trigger this workflow?
New Event in Google Calendar

Any more details that are important for a Pipedream Expert to know?
I am very proficient in Python and use automation software quite a bit. I do not know javascript much which seems to be what Pipedream runs on. I will be easy to work with on this though since I understand automation and workflows, and programming fundamentals. I have used extensively with my calendar stuff and it works amazing but it’s being closed down Oct 1 so I would like this project to be up running by June 1 so I have a little time to clone over all my automations to Pipedream. I do have more tasks than the above but the above is the most complicated, therefore that is where I wanted to start, so for now just quote me to do this please.

Hey @alphadogsoftware we can help!

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