JSON to PDF with pdfdocument - Python custom code node (Reportlab wrapper)

We are trying to integrate this Python package into our Pipedream workflow using the custom code node but are not having success. Does anyone have experience in using the custom code node?

Hi @sladerose1

Sounds like you trying to import a Python package into a Node.js code step, but you may have better luck trying to use it in a Python code step.

Alternatively, you can try searching for PDF manipulation packages on NPM which is for Node.js code steps.

Hi @pierce I am using the custom code node/module/step whatever the workflow steps are referred to in Pipedream, with the language set to Python 3.9.

BTW not the NPM link I was expecting but ok

Hi @sladerose1

Sorry about that, I thought you meant Node as the language not as the name for a step. And I fixed the link too, thanks for the call out!

Have you tried importing that package with the special comment system? That might help with the issue you’re having:

We have a special workaround for importing Python modules with different package names.

Hi Pierce, thank you for your reply. Is there a way I can message you directly?

Hi @sladerose1

If you need further support, please consider upgrading to a Team or Enterprise plan for dedicated Slack support with a channel for you and your team to contact Pipedream support directly.

Or consider contacting a Pipedream Partner to help you with this request.