Issue with Twilio SMS sending when using custom expression for phone number?

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Hi, I cant tell if i found a bug or not, for context I am trying to send a twilio sms. In terms of experience, when I select the phone number in the from field as the one from twilio, the sms sends successfully and everything is great, but when I select enter a custom expression and then reference a number that is retrieved from a prior step it errors out. What is interesting is the error states that the “To” field is the issue and not the from field. Also, the phone number is in the correct format from what i can tell in both the from and to feilds. I attached some screenshots for reference.

Thanks for reporting. Could you DM me the phone number where you’re seeing the error?

Are you seeing the error on all executions, or just this number?

Hey Dylan, I’ll dm you with more details

I didn’t have a chance to dig into this before I left, any chance you could help Suneel troubleshoot?

it does look like the number is valid, but maybe we’re parsing the value passed from step exports in the From field in a weird way? Seems like the value of the export from steps.trigger is correct (i.e. it’s defined), not sure what’s up

I’ll have a look Dylan

Thanks and @U052C338AQK! let me know if you need anything from me!

, thank you for raising this issue. I’ve created [Action] Twilio Actions with phone numbers require parsing · Issue #6242 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub for tracking and will have it prioritized, please follow along in the interim!

Hi Michael, thank you for looking into this and prioritizing! I’ll monitor the github and/or this thread for updates!

Hi Suneel! It looks like this fix has been pushed. Can you confirm that you are no longer seeing the issue on your end?

Hi, unfortunately I cant at the moment :disappointed: Shortly after discovering this bug twilio suspended my account. ( I am developing a phishing prevention product and sent phishing sms’s to my own phone number to test, which triggered their fraud systems ) I am actively trying to find someone who can help over there to get my account re-instated, so if i am able to successfully restore the account I’ll test at that time.

Thank you for working on resolving this so aggressively however, i was tracking the github link and saw all the progress that was made!

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Hi , looks like i wont be returning to twilio ( atleast anytime soon ) - Unsure if this is a question for you or someone else, but are there plans to develop more funtionality for telnyx, similar to what exist for twilio? Also, does pipedream work with TeXML? im building some basic functionality in the system that should be working but no matter what i do i cant create successful basic functionalty. Their dev team is also looking into why this is breaking but are saying its a handler issue pipedream side

Hi Michael, im going to post in the general help section incase you are unavailable

Hey Suneel, sorry just seeing this. When you say,

develop more funtionality for telnyx, similar to what exist for twilio?
can you clarify what you mean here?

In addition, if there are some other prebuilt triggers, actions, or features that you’d like to see on Pipedream, you can always request them here within Github! This will help us to keep track of things on our end.

Hi, i was using twilio as a IVR, but now am trying to build it in Telnyx instead. Pipedream natively had some features built in, like triggers, or send sms, etc, i didnt see any of those for telnyx. In terms of troubleshooting, we are working on it here, still no luck getting it to work with pipedream though even after using mario - Slack