Is there a way to sync workflow run history to an external system?

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Haim Bendanan : Hey, I want to export my workflow run history (console logs + results) to an external system. It could be done with a webhook event (preferred) or periodically. Is there a pipedream api I can use to listen or retrieve workflow run informations?

Haim Bendanan : I am looking at the rest api, I am a bit confused about the difference between workflows and sources -

I get the same responses. Also, it looks like I get only events that ended with an error

Danny Roosevelt : Hey Haim, the API doesn’t support exactly what you’re trying to do today, but we’ve got a GitHub issue here that you can track if you’re interested: Unified log / API to retrieve all workflow invocations + errors · Issue #188 · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

Danny Roosevelt : But if you’re up for a mildly hacky workaround that may solve satisfy your use case, you can always add an HTTP call at the end of your workflow to send whatever data you want into your external system