Is There a Known Bug That Deletes Code from Workflow Steps?

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is it a known bug that sometimes code from workflow steps are just deleted? Had a working workflow but when i go into edit mode its showing a step as having no code. This has happened to others on my team as well

Do you happen to know the rough timing of when you created this specific code step? I’d like to see if I can look at the history of the workflow to see if I can figure out what happened here.

I also had two questions:

  1. Is the symptom that the step exists but is simply cleared of all code? Or does the step completely disappear from the workflow?
  2. Is this workflow in a project configured with GitHub sync, or no Git?

if you don’t mind, it might be helpful to send these details in a new issue at (along with the link to the workflow) and we can chat more there.

I created it about a week ago. I went to go edit it under an existing branch that I used to tweak the workflow as recently as a few hours ago and all seemed ok. When i went back into that branch one specific step had no code. If I create a new branch, it goes back to having the latest deployed code. Others on my team have experiecned the same.

  1. Yes, the step exists, labeled properly, just with no code
  2. Its only happened with Github sync workflows

ill submit a support ticket

great thanks, that’ll help and we can dig into it more