Is it possible to auto-add comments from Slack threads to a Click Up task?

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Hi there, I am trying to create an automation where any message posted in a Slack Channel will auto-create a Click Up task (this I have managed to create) I am now looking at the option for the messages which are in the thread to be added as comments on the Click Up task so all is logged. Anyone know if this is possible?

Hello , I think this is possible after checking through the Slack API doc.

So I’ve created a Github issue here and added it to Pipedream prioritized backlog. Pipedream’s component dev will take a look at it soon!

Thanks , sorry just so I am clear. In the message you said it is possible looking at the slack API docs but then added a feature request?

I mean I have checked the Slack API doc myself and I think it is possible to include the threaded replies into Pipedream’s Slack - new message in channels source

So I’ve created the Github ticket to include it

Thanks , so in the meantime I need to look into the Slack API for alternative ways to do so?

Hey , in the mean time I think you can wait for Pipedream component dev to take a look.

Or better, you could help Pipedream by implementing this and creating a PR. Here’s the code part that I think should be changed to make it work

Thanks , how long are the wait times for a response?

I couldn’t estimate this since it depends on various factors. We’ll make all updates into the Github ticket, so kindly subscribe to it to be noticed when it’s completed