Is it Possible to Add Comments to Nodes and Define Schema in Webhook Triggers?

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Re: staying organized:
• Can you add comments / notes for nodes?
• Can you define a schema / store info about which query or body values a webhook trigger should allow? Configure > ‘generate test event’ values do not store in memory (that I think previous version might have? not sure.) (The test event can be stored, but not the config inputs. Which means if you need to edit webhook trigger queries or body, then you have to start all over again each time which is kind of a pain.)

Re: comments / notes for steps, yes: Steps - Pipedream

Re: defining a schema for your webhook trigger, can you tell me more about your use case here?

Thanks Danny.

A. Re: webhook trigger “schema”:

ie, what values these webhooks are expecting for this workflow to work properly…

I guess I could have some kind of validation step as node 2? AJV or some such?

B. Just a small quality of life thing: it’s kind of a pain if I have a semi-hefty JSON body test for the trigger and I have to recreate that every time I come back to work on the workflow.

Re: note: ah, I was trying to add it to a trigger node which notes do not seem to be available. But I see it now for non-trigger nodes. Thanks much Danny.

Yea exactly, I think you’ll probably want to add a basic validation step to enforce the schema you’re expecting. That’s been a common request to enable validation directly in the webhook configuration, but we don’t currently support that today. This feature request is similar, it’d be helpful if you can upvote and add some notes on your use case there.

Thanks Danny. I’ll try a “node 2” NPM validation package and see how that goes. Thanks again for your help.