Integrating Gorgias in WooCommerce: How?

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how to integrate gorgias in woocommerce

how to integrate gorgias with woocommerce

i want to integration gorgias in my woocommerce store its possbile??

To integrate Gorgias with WooCommerce, you can use Pipedream to create workflows that connect the two services. Pipedream offers pre-built Gorgias actions that you can use in your workflows. Here’s how to use the Gorgias “Create Customer” action as an example: 1. In the Pipedream UI, create a new workflow. 2. Search for the Gorgias (API Key) app from the step menu. 3. Select the “Create Customer” action. 4. Connect your Gorgias (API Key) account. 5. Select a Full Name or pass a string from a previous step. 6. Select a Channel or pass a string from a previous step. 7. Select a Channel Address or pass a string from a previous step. 8. At the bottom of the step, click “Test” to run the action and test the configuration. You can explore other Gorgias actions and triggers in Pipedream to build more complex integrations between Gorgias and WooCommerce. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please visit for more support options.

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can you send men proper tutorial of Gorgias integration with Woocommerce?

there’s no tutorial for your specific use case, I would recommend you to watch through Pipedream University series here to understand how Pipedream works. Then you can ask Mario your specific usecase