Incorrect credentials!

So im connecting dear to google sheets and getting Incorrect credentials!, ive re checked it multiple times my credentials for both accounts are correct

@johanndaveldb Thanks for reaching out. Is this error being returned within a workflow? If so, could you click the Share button at the top-right and share it with

If it’s not happening in a workflow, could you share a screenshot of the error or other more specific information?

Will do thank you

@johanndaveldb When I create a new DEAR account, copy your workflow, and connect my own account, it works.

Can you try creating a new API key and try again? If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend reaching out to DEAR support - they will be able to best help.

So ive tried starting over but its the same thing. Il contact dear in the meantime.

I Dont know what i did but its working now. I have a feeling it was the dear server.