How to I connect Blackbaud with Hubspot?

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Josh Palubicki : I’m trying to map out properties for syncing between Blackbaud and Hubspot. Is there anyone who can help me?

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : could you tell us more about the specific use case? Are you encountering a specific issue trying to map properties between these two platforms (e.g. are you seeing a specific error in your workflow)?

Josh Palubicki : Hi! We went with Pipedream so Hubspot’s CRM would be updated as changes are made in Blackbaud. For example: when a prospective student submits a portion of their application it would trigger a property in Hubspot to be checked off. That way we can create workflows in Hubspot to communicate the next steps.

When I connected Hubspot with Salesforce there was a section where I could simply map the properties between the two systems. That is what I was assuming Pipedream would be able to do for us.

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Thanks, that helps. Pipedream provides a generic integration platform for developers, so we don’t solve this kind of bespoke use case in the Pipedream UI the way that e.g. Salesforce might. This gives you a lot of flexibility, but you’ll need to do the work yourself to map the parameters from source to destination service.

I’d recommend you do the following:

  1. Create a new workflow and choose the HTTP API trigger. This will generate a unique HTTP endpoint you can send any HTTP request to
  2. In Blackbaud, create a new webhook subscription that sends the relevant events to the Pipedream HTTP endpoint from step 1
  3. Trigger an event in Blackbaud so that some test events arrive in your workflow. You can examine the shape of the incoming events in the UI to see how they arrive from Blackbaud.
  4. Add a new step to your workflow by clicking the + button below the trigger step, search for Hubspot, and select the option to Run Node.js code with Hubspot. That will give you a code template that you can modify to make any HTTP request to the Hubspot API. You can pass any data sent from Blackbaud by variable reference.
  5. Currently this requires you to write code, but Pipedream has a concept of “actions”: steps that wrap common API operations and let you enter params in the UI, without having to write code. We don’t have actions for Hubspot yet, but that’s on our backlog if you’d like to follow.
    Let me know if that helps!