How to Filter Tasks in the 'get_task' Step for a Specific Space and List?

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Hi’ I’m using the ClickUp get_task step and I’m trying to only filter for new tasks in a specific Space (Sales) and List (orders) but when I deploy the pipeline, all tasks that are created in all spaces perform an action. Is there a way to filter tasks properly in the get_task step?

Hi Christian, sounds like you may have found a bug in the component.

You can report bug reports on actions and triggers here in our public Pipedream Github Repository:

A Pipedream team developer or community member will investigate and make a new version to attempt to fix it if they can reproduce the bug.

All Pipedream triggers and actions are open source, so you can also contribute your own fix if you’d like.

Learn about how to develop new and modify existing components here: Overview

thanks so much!