Help with Twitter to Telegram posts

I made a simple workflow to search for specific posts from one Twitter account and post it to a TG channel. It works. The workflow uses predefined functions of pipedream so nothing fancy. In my first attempt the message to TG was the link to TW post. I didn’t like the fact that sometime TG didn’t “make” a preview to that link and found the solution to replace{{steps.trigger.event.user.screen_name}}/status/{{steps.trigger.event.id_str}} with{{steps.trigger.event.user.screen_name}}/status/{{steps.trigger.event.id_str}} which resolve the problem - with instant preview when link was posted.So far so good.
Now my problem is that when i get a retwitt from that account…using the fxtwitter and the message has a picture it get’s messed up. What I want to do is if the message is a retweet (starts with RT @name or has a {{steps.trigger.event.retweeted_status}} or something i want to send the message with original account name and id, somehing like:{{}}/{{steps.trigger.event.retweeted_status.user.id_str}}
So how do i find if is a RT or not and pass the right params for post?

Hi @adriangeorgesu

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Sounds like you’re trying to conditionally exit the workflow early if the tweet is a retweet from a specific account?

If so, you might find some use of the Filter app in Pipedream then you’ll be able to conditionally exit early if the tweet’s retweeted_status

This attribute contains the original tweet. If this attribute exists and is populated with data, then the current tweet is a retweet.

Hope this helps,